EVERETT CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Preparing children to be servants of God in His world




In 1925 a group of Christian parents who were dedicated to establishing a foundation of Christian citizenship, started the Everett Christian School.  Always at its present location on the corner of 23rd and Cedar, it has grown from a one room school to its present 6 classrooms and a gymnasium.

Originally founded by members of the Christian Reformed Church in America, the school has been associated with the Reformation traditions.  Because of these roots, the school emphasizes that all of life in every part is to be ruled by the revelation of God.  The school embraces the great historic truths of the Christian faith found in the Reformed tradition as stated in our statement of faith.


The “Everett Christian School Society” owns and operates the school.  Membership of the Society consists of those persons who subscribe to its by-laws, give financial support, and/or send children to the school.  The Society annually meets to elect board members, to decide on matters pertaining to the school, such as the budget, and to receive information about the school’s operation from various board committees.  Elected board members from the parents are responsible for the governance of the school.  The school is designed to educate children of Christian parents.  ECS is not a part of any denomination, and not governed by any specific denomination.  Various auxiliary organizations, such as Booster Club, donate time to enrich the total school program.