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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee Schedule


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(payment due date 20th of each month starting in August)

Program Tuition Amount Monthly Estimate

(Tues & Thurs)

(9 mo. payment cycle)


(Mon, Wed, Fri)

(9 mo. payment cycle)


(Half Day Only)

(11 mo. payment cycle)


K-8th Grade
(1 full time student)

(11 mo. payment cycle)


K-8th Grade
(2 full time students)

(11 mo. payment cycle)


K-8th Grade
(3 full time students)

(11 mo. payment cycle)


half day +1 full time student

(11 mo. payment cycle)


half day +2 full time students

(11 mo. payment cycle)




PS: $35        PK: $50
K (half day): $200
K-8th (full time): $300

Early Registration
(if paid by April 15, 2019)

50% off (K-8th only)
(No discount on PS or PK Early Registration)

New Student Screening Fee
(K-8th only)

1st Student: $35
Each Additional Student: $25

Facility and Materials Fee
(K-8th only)

$150 per family

AM/PM Care
7:00-8:15, 3:15-6:00

$7.00 per hour per student

NILD or Discovery Program

Please inquire about this program

Band Fee
(5th-8th grade only)

$40.00 per month for 10 mo. ($400 per year)

Athletic Fees
(5th-8th grade only)

Soccer: $100.00
Basketball: $100.00
Track & Field: $100.00

Service Hours
(K-8 families only)

$400.00=40 hours per two parent family, per academic year
$200.00=20 hours per single parent family or K only family, per academic year



Kindergarten or 8th: $500.00
1st-7th: $700.00
2+: $1000.00

(All students PS-8th)

4% off by June 15th
2% off by August 10th


10% off tuition (have student in participating Christian school)


Rebate your Pre-Kindergarten as follows:
Kindergarten-1/2 of paid Pre-K
1st grade-1/2 of paid Pre-K

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Rebate as follows:
Kindergarten-1/3 of paid PS/Pre-K
1st grade-1/3 of paid PS/Pre-K
2nd grade-1/3 of paid PS/Pre-K

Multiple Child

2 students: 10% off
3 students: 20% off
4th student is FREE

New Badger Discount:
For New Families to Christian Education

50% off first year for new K-7 families.
25% for Half-Day Kindergarten only.
No discount for 8th grade only family.

Active Military Discount

20% off tuition for active military personnel
(please apply for this discount)


40% off tuition for full-time pastors
(please apply for this discount)

Notes about Tuition, Fees and Discounts:
1.) For Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students first and last month’s tuition is due with registration.
2.) Facility and Materials Fee will be rolled into tuition if not paid up front. This does not apply to Preschool or Pre-Kindergarten only.
3.) For AM/PM Care after 6:00 PM $1.00 will be charged per minute you are late. Past due accounts will be charged a $25.00 late fee.
4.) Payments may be made online, in the office, or by setting up a monthly auto-pay through your bank.
Tuition Assistance
At Everett Christian School we do our best to keep tuition and fees at a reasonable rate, however in order to control tuition costs referring fellow believers and their children to ECS is the single best way to keep tuition costs reasonable. The more students of Christ-based families that we have enrolled, the more the fixed costs of the school are spread out throughout the community.

We offer various payment plans, including monthly installments through automatic account withdrawals or full payment.
How to apply
The process to determine if you meet the tuition assistance income levels begins by contacting the ECS office to request the school code for the online financial aid application. The cost for applying for financial aid is $35. A detailed instruction sheet is available in the office. Otherwise, you can begin by calling the office for the school code and then creating a login at www.cfslogin.com.

In the final analysis, Christian education requires a financial commitment and it must rank high on parents' list of priorities. Before you make the commitment, consider the lasting and life-changing effect that education in the light of God's word can have on your child.

Any questions? Please contact us.
Everett Christian School does participate in SCRIP. This is a program where families can purchase gift cards from hundreds of retailers and receive a 1.5% to 16% rebate. Half of the rebate goes to ECS to cover administrative costs while the other half is allocated towards tuition reduction. Check out SCRIP at www.shopwithscrip.com.