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Student Activities

Student Activities

Student Activities

ECS has many activities which enrich the curriculum and help the students develop their particular gifts. These include:

Music concerts- by joining band, students in grades 5-8 can participate in band concerts.  At times, a 5-8 choir is organized for special occasions. 
Chapels- All students K-8 participate in the chapel program each Friday.
Assemblies- Occasionally, the school has a special assembly and all grades participate.
National Geography Bee- This is open to all students in grades 5-8 and held in January. 
Science Fair- Held every other year, all grades participate in some way in this science exhibition.
Cross grade level activities-  Each week, the 7-8 grades read with students in grades 1-3.  See also field days below.
Grandparents’ Day- All students participate in this annual program.
Pastors’ Appreciation Day- Students invite their pastors to this special breakfast and chapel, and sometimes perform.
Service Projects- Depending on the project, all students participate in some type of fundraiser or service project each year.  In the past, it has included planting trees, disaster relief fundraising, and singing at a local retirement home.
Field Days- On a field day, the student body K-8 is divided into cross-grade teams which compete in a diverse array of activities for points. 

Field Trips

Field trips are taken many times during the year by all the classes.  Past trips have included days exploring at Padilla Bay Marine Sanctuary and trips to local plays and musicals in the area.  The 7th and 8th grade class takes an annual overnight trip to the water slides or whitewater rafting.  The 5th and 6th grades take a 3 day trip each spring to see more of our state.


Students in grades 6 through 8 are given the opportunity to participate in the following sports:

  • Co-ed Soccer
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Co-ed Softball
  • Co-ed Track