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Middle School

Middle School

Middle School - 5th-8th Grades

Middle School at Everett Christian School is a bridge between elementary and high school. Students continue their journey in learning of basic skills while learning how to apply themselves though higher level thinking. This rigorous curriculum allows students to develop solid work habits which will be useful in their career as a student.

It is particularly important that during these years students are supported by teaching staff who understand this developmental stage and are able to relate positively to their students. The ECS Middle School curriculum places significant emphases on collaborative learning, integrated work units and values education. The emphasis on values is designed to reinforce and further develop a Christian world view, providing students with a foundation from which they can examine and explore wider community and social issues.

The Middle School program at ECS is departmentalized, providing instructors who are teaching in their areas of expertise. At the same time, we recognize the unique needs of rapidly growing middle school students by offering a rich variety of academic and practical learning opportunities during daily activity periods.

Conscious of the spiritual capacity of middle school students, all subjects are taught from a Christian perspective and help students make ethical decisions.


  • Daily devotions and weekly chapel
  • Departmentalized instruction in academic subjects
  • Advanced classes in algebra
  • Outstanding music program offering
  • Band and Choir
  • updated technology

The ECS Middle School program is designed to keep students of this age interested and focused on their learning while helping them to understand their abilities and explore their limits in readiness for entry into High School and its various pathways.

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