Day of Service

Each spring, Everett Christian School has a "Serve-A-Thon" fundraiser to generate money to enable the school to continue to provide a biblical, quality and Christ-centered education.  This service project is a great experience for our ECS school community as it teaches our students about being servants in God's world. 

Our prayer is that this service project will accomplish three goals:

#1. Encourage our ECS students to help others and experience the blessings that come with helping others.

#2. Benefit the local community near ECS.

#3. Generate funds to continue to provide to the ECS general fund.  

What does this have to do with fundraising?
Part of ECS’ mission is “to prepare students to be servants of God school in His World.”  The Serve-A-Thon is one example of how our students can serve God and the local community.  Donations raised will fund our ongoing work as a school by helping students become lifelong servants of God in His world!  In the weeks before the Serve-A-Thon week of service, students and their families will be asking for monetary contributions to ECS as a way of being sponsors for the service day.  Sponsors can make one time donations or make monthly donations.  We also have donation slips available to print out and send to the school online as well as Online Giving through our website