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Faculty and Staff

Welcome to Everett Christian School!


Since 1926, Everett Christian School has partnered alongside local families and churches to provide a quality biblical and Christ-centered education that prepares children to be productive servants of God in His world.  For over 90 years, Everett Christian School continues to emphasize that Christ is sovereign over all Creation and that Christian education reveals God’s grandeur and glory in reading, writing, mathematics, art, science, physical education, social studies, technology, music, band and Bible classes.  Everett Christian School is a close knit community of experienced and quality Christian teachers, dedicated staff and local families that work together to educate and disciple the whole child.


Please come and visit Everett Christian School today.

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Angie Banning0080.jpg
Angela Banning

1st/2nd Grade Aide


Education: A.A. Edmonds Community College Culinary Arts

Serving ECS Since: 2018

Carly Daniels0082.jpg
Carly Daniels

K-6 Music Teacher

Chapel Director


Education: B.A. Seattle Pacific University, M.A.Ed. Lesley University


Serving ECS Since: 2020

Dan Davelaar0083.jpg
Dan Davelaar

5th-8th Teacher


Education:  B.A. Dordt  University, Biology Endorsement - Seattle Pacific University

Serving ECS Since: 1992 

Eddie Swale0086.jpg
Eddie Swale

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Serving ECS Since: 2022

Elaine Jenkins.jpg
Elaine Jenkins

5th-8th Teacher


Education: B.A. Calvin University


Serving ECS Since: 1989

Alisa Clark0081.jpg
Alisa Clark

1st/2nd Teacher


Education: B.A. Northwest University;  MAT. Northwest University

Serving ECS Since: 2023

Rose Toscano0087.jpg
Rose Toscano

Kindergarten Teacher


Education: B.A. Seattle Pacific University

Serving ECS Since: 2021

Irene VanKooten0089.jpg
Irene VanKooten

3rd/4th &
7th/8th Math Teacher


Education: B.A. Calvin University


Serving ECS Since: 2003

Amy Lane0085.jpg
Amy Lane

3rd/4th Language Arts &

7th/8th Bible & Student Council Advisor


Serving ECS Since: 2022

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