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Everett Christian School is accredited through the Washington Board of Education by Christian Schools International.  We meet and exceed all accreditation standards.


We are committed to instructional standards because God is glorified when we seek to be excellent as we prepare and equip His children.  We stay relevant and current in what we are teaching so we can prepare God’s students for their next level of education, their career and as productive servants in His world. 


When each curricular area is reviewed, a team of teachers and administrators examines the Common Core/Washington Standards to determine our school’s desired level of alignment within that curricular area.  Alignment requires diligent effort on our part - we carefully weigh standards from the Core and implement standards only when they reflect our desired rigor and do not conflict with our beliefs. 

We believe ECS is called to high standards, and national standards help us to organize, achieve, and remain accountable.

The following are brief summaries of the subjects taught at Everett Christian School:


The elementary level language arts program balances both a literature-based approach with phonics creating life-long readers and writers who clearly demonstrate clarity in logic, persuasiveness, creativity, and accuracy. The ECS language arts approach helps students appreciate the diversity of human experience, culture, and values, and to evaluate spoken and written messages.


Our main Bible curriculum provides a study of the Bible that leads the student to discover God, who manifested Himself in the Old Testament, and is eager to manifest Himself today in the lives of our children. Students are led through the study of the Bible in a way that encourages them to process the Biblical truths and apply Biblical principles to daily living.

Social Studies

Students develop an understanding of how God's hand has worked throughout history, and how Christians have made a difference in the world. The curriculum is designed to start with the familiar and expand beyond that each year. Therefore, students learn how a community functions, then about Everett, then Washington State, then the United States and the rest of the world.


Science is about asking questions, not about memorizing facts and figures from a textbook. At Everett Christian School, students begin to develop a passionate interest and sense of wonderment of God's creation through the science program. Teachers use hands-on activities and technology in new and innovative ways, integrated with reading and writing projects to reinforce the scientific concepts being presented.


Mathematics is one tool by which we better understand the way that God designed the universe. Students come to value God's sense of order and precision as they learn to think mathematically. They are encouraged to be mathematical problem solvers while developing skills in number and operation, patterning, geometry, measurement, probability, and analysis. Although our balanced math curriculum provides ample opportunities for hands on experimentation and problem solving, teachers also ensure that students develop strong skills in basic mathematical operations.


Digital technology is an important tool that ECS' uses to improve and enhance classroom instruction.  Students are able to use school owned desktop computers, laptops and Chromebooks.  Student learn how to use PowerPoint and Word as well as collaborate using Google docs and Google Classroom. We desire that students gain confidence in their use of digital technology, but also how to be good digital citizens and honor and glorify God through their use of technology.


We seek to encourage students to use their voices in praise to God in chapel and times of singing together.  The lower elementary students explore fundamentals of music, while the upper grades have opportunity to learn to play recorders, choir chimes, and participate in band. A highlight of the year is a Christmas musical.

Physical Education

At Everett Christian School physical education is rooted in the truth that our bodies are temples of the Lord. Students, at their various levels of ability, will use their bodies and minds to participate in a wide range of activities in the classroom and the gym. All Kindergarten-8th grade physical education classes will teach students to honor God through fitness, sport, and personal and social conduct. These skills can then be used for a life of service in God's Kingdom. 

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