Variable Tuition

Thank you for considering the eternal and life-changing effect that a Christ-centered and Biblically rooted education will have on your child(ren). 


The parents who make up your Board of Trustees realize the financial sacrifice Christian schooling requires and the impact it has on the family budget. Therefore, the Board is absolutely committed to good stewardship in our budgetary processes. Making sure every tuition and donation dollar is carefully allocated to ensure your child has the equipment they need and our school retains quality, committed Christian teachers and staff. 


Realizing every family's budget is different and desiring to serve Christian families from a wide-variety of socio-economic levels, Everett Christian School utilizes Variable Tuition. 

Steps to Apply for Variable Tuition: 


1. Go to to set an account. The school code is 13213 and the cost for setting up an account is $35 paid by credit card when creating your account. 

2. Submit your financial information to this third-party vendor. 

3. The third-party vendor will send a report to the ECS Finance Committee that outlines your families' ability to pay tuition. 

4. The Finance Committee will reach out to your family with your Variable Tuition rate and talk about next steps. 

Questions? Please contact us at 



Everett Christian School does participate in SCRIP.  This is a program where families can purchase gift cards from hundreds of retailers and receive a 1.5% to 16% rebate.  Half of the rebate goes to ECS to cover administrative costs while the other half is allocated towards tuition reduction.  Check out SCRIP at